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Canadians will pay down their cellphones, however their bills may well not drop. Here’s why

Canadians will pay down their cellphones, however their bills may well not drop. Here’s why

Greg Severson states he felt cheated. He’d paid their phone after having a contract that is 24-month his carrier finished. But their bill did go down n’t. “After the very first 24-month agreement, we thought we happened to be planning to have a decrease in my total bill because of the quantity I became having to pay to cover from the phone,” stated the Langley, B.C. resident.

Coverage of Customer Issues on

Severson ended up being referring to a portion of their payment referred to as “device subsidy” – it is the element of a customer’s mobile phone bill that takes care of a unit over a contract that is 24-month. He was told his old phone plan no longer existed and it was recommended he upgrade to a new device and a new contract when he asked for an explanation, Severson said. “I feel being a customer we now have absolutely no say. They hold most of the cards,” said Severson. Whenever customer issues reached off to Severson’s carrier Telus, a representative stated in a declaration:

“This consumer needs to have effortlessly had the opportunity to change to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plan as he contacted us in July 2017, whenever their current contract that is two-year 2015 had been visiting a finish. We proactively talk to our customers when you look at the last 90 days of the contract to supply device that is affordable and usage of plans that match or are better yet than our in-market promotions for new clients. We also provide a number of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plans clients can choose should they desire to keep their current device. It would appear that as soon as the client contacted us in July 2017, we introduced him with BYOD plan options but he fundamentally made a decision to update their unit included in a unique 24-month agreement, which explains why he began a brand new unit stability.”